This world is full of arts and The life is full of crafts

This world is really full of arts and crafts an d I am not joking about this. Ingredients like arts and crafts have made this world more elusive. For instance, if we watch a movie for an hour we get impacted by its visualization and starts feeling like part of it, maybe you would like to feel like a hero of that movie. 

Sajjad Sunyiad Blog theory of MInd

Again just imagine you are determined to do something but whenever you have changed the circumstance started feeling different and probably at the end you have either done it or will never.

So what actually drives us from? Actually, there are many people who are really strong both physically and spiritually. This universe has programmed like a computer program and those delusional codes are not easy to break actually it's impossible for Human. Everything in this colourful life is to alter you from something if you pass the test then it's good for you.

In life, people need to be simple, honest and self-driven which will definitely result well in ultimate destination.

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