Artificial Intelligence-AI

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence, normally known as AI, one type of intelligence that is controlled by the machine. This particular branch of computer science is practised with the development of the computer or other machines' own intelligence. If you have a machine, whether it is a computer or your cell phone or a robot, then you can say it artificially intelligent if it is capable of doing any work on its own initiative. That means, when the machine is given the ability to do any work at the human level, then it can be said to be artificially intelligent.


In the beginning

The application of artificial intelligence began with the handling of computer science pioneer Alan Turing, in 1950. Allan Turing started with an examination called "Tearing Testing Trial", and the intelligence of the device was started. In this test, you will be able to interact with a man and a machine from the hide, the two will answer your various questions and you will verify their intelligence. After some time you have to reach conclusions, among which a machine is a machine. If you can not identify the machine, then the machine will be recognized as intelligent. Using this concept of tire testing, it was measured in that era that the intelligence of a machine.

Most AI has appeared as female

Google Now, Siri, Cortana These are some of the popular AI examples. The funny thing is, all of them but the girl! Surprised? Actually, all of these programs contain feminine characters, so tell me! It's a bit strange at all. Why artificial intelligence holders have such a unique identity? Research says that the reasons for these women are not serious. Men and women representatives of human beings, who use these programs, are very passionate about women. Another information about this is from the Indian scientist, Carl Fredrik Mac-Derman, of Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. According to the respected man, Many male persons are doing a lot of work in the AI branch, who respects more female voice than a male voice on a machine. Naturally, the argument of this statement is difficult to break! According to social anthropologist Kathleen Richardson, women AIRs are less risky than male AI.

Artificial intelligence is able to learn by itself

Yes, artificial intelligence made by human beings will be able to increase their intelligence themselves. There is a saying that program of a computer can be as intelligent as a person running it. But with the progress of AI, the computer is learning to acquire knowledge by itself. Google has an AI system, which itself has learned to play the Atari 2600 games and then the Bagha Bagha has lost the gamers! Another learning AI system, which was made by the United States Army, learned how to cook YouTube videos. Energetic intelligence team! Is not that great?

Artificial Intelligence would be more intelligent than human

With the capability of AI's education, the computer is increasingly appearing to be more intelligent. Let's talk about 2013. The standard of intelligence of an AI was almost similar to a four-year-old child. In 2014, a supercomputer resolved a complex mathematical problem named Erdoo Discovery, whose equation is so huge that people will not be interested to check the solution! The AI System Straps have arrived in this year in more detail. So, this hypothesis is not unrealistic that in coming days AI may be more intelligent than humans.
What is the level of fear in this thrilling section of science?

More detailed discussions about AI will be done later, in today's writing, it is only to keep in mind that people like renowned scientist Stephen Hawking and computer giant Bill Gates can not override AI's future threat! This strange branch of computer science can become the most horrifying section in the history of civilization. It is a matter of seeing how AI's development will be a period of time for human beings, and how long it will be in the hands of the people.

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