Cursed sword of Samurai Murammasa

The famous swords should be fairy tales of each other. Reality and imagination together with the story behind each sword are so different that it is now almost impossible to find out the actual essence of truth from them. Samurai Murmassa has made his place in history in the name of the sword that has become a famous (read infamous) by the people's face-turned story.

During the period of Muromachi's rule in Japan, it was between the mid-four and the sixteenth century. At that time, Masumun, a very famous sword maker in Japan, was his disciple Samurai Muramasa. Oscar Ratty and Adele said about Westbrook Murmassa, "He was a very skilled swordsman, but his impression of emotional obscenity spread to his sword. There is a trend in the popular, two-pronged sword that is so bloody that it is a great temptation to kill or commit suicide.

From the fairytale of Japan, it is known that Muramas once challenged their Guru Masamun to participate in the making of swords. This competition will determine who will be the country's best sword maker. Both of them appeared on the field with their made swords. This time the trial of the power of the sword.

The essence of the competition was such that the winner's sword should be sharp so that when the sword was made through the fountain, it was forced to change the course of the fountain. During the test of both the swords, the sharpness of the sword of Muramas was sharp and so sharp that it was passing through which it was run. Nothing is left out of the river's stream, the leaves and the flowers roamed in the air. On the other hand, Masamun's sword did not show much effect there. But at the announcement of the results, Masamunake declared the winner, surprisingly in front of all.

Because Murmassa's sword was killing all bloodshed and arbitrarily, where Masamun's sword did not hurt an object without the need, Masamun was awarded the winner of this competition. But the quality of Masamun's sword was not better than  Murmassa's Sword, for the next 200 years, the popularity of the sword of Muramas was very high.

Before Murmassa's sword was inserted, it was used to take bath once a day. When his ownership was changed in accordance with the rule, he did not hesitate to make himself in the owner's blood. In the history of Japan, the sword of the Samurai Murmassa has been known as Satan's cursed sword. Murmassar's sword is still being played as a legend in video games, anime and even Marvel's world. We do not know whether Murmassa's swords were actually cursed or bloodshed, but this sword surrounded by mysteries creates curiosity in our mind and will keep Maramusa alive.

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