Evolution of Computer and Hacking

People who are not interested in hacking can not be found too much. Those who have no idea about computers, they will be in this group. Many of Hollywood's contribution to the presentation of entertainment as a source of entertainment for the common man is one of the most creative in computer science. The hacker was so impressed that the big-size T-shirt, incandescent hair on the head, and somebody wearing eyeglasses. In a few seconds by typing something fast on the keyboard, it has collapsed into the security of the enemy.

Although real hacking is not so easy, it does not happen in such a short time, there is not so much effort. The issue of our discussion is not the silver screen hacking, the real hacking history. I'll try to tell how this breakthrough game of breaking into the computer security breaks inside it. How computers, computer security and hacking techniques have changed over time.

Hacking and system cracking started since the first electronic computer innovation. The computers we call are not just computers. Computers that can compute or computer are actually computers Calculator, starting from the phone, Google's huge size servers are all actually computer So hacking started from that modern computer, it has been long since it was loaded.
What it means hacking has started in the nineteenth century. By the 1870s, some young people in the United States had drawn up the strategy to take control of newly established phone systems in that country. If hacking has happened, we might not be able to go back.

Then the switch operators of the Bell Telephone Company used to control telephone calls. Many times they used to cut calls or change the destination of calls. It can be said that the hacker's journey started here.

Now whoever I am talking about is also considered one of the first hackers. The story of his hacking is quite surprising. This is also the case of more than a century ago.

On the afternoon of June 1, 1903, the famous physicist John Fleming was preparing to publish a breakthrough in public on the Royal Institution of London. Indeed, this discovery was his teacher, another famous scientist, Markini, whom we know as the inventor of the radio.

At that time, he was working on how much Morse code messages could be sent without any help from the wire. He was preparing to send a signal to Fleming, about 300 miles away from Clifton station in Cornwall, England.

At the same time, the receiver in London theatre started receiving some strange message, which did not actually send the mic. The message was heard repeatedly as the first message. Later it was a poem, which was actually sent to mock the mockery in front of everyone. Then it was clearly understood that all of them are going to be a rough pond because someone hacks their system and sends messages there.

But who is he? And why and how did this hockey incident happen? Let's remind you again it's more than a century ago. Then the Internet's concept was not the same. So where did these unwanted messages come from the recipients of this marketing?

There was no waiting for more time to know who this hacker was. Four days later, a letter from The Times of London came to acknowledge the incident of hacking. The sender was a 39-year-old British magician named Neville Masceline, our wanted hacker. But for the betterment of the common man, it was necessary to publish the sermon on the security of the Markini device, he claimed.

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But since this machine has very little space, three Polish Cipat-Analysts were able to break the code using the Braun Force method. Brute Force means trying out all the combinations. This method will give the exact result, but if the search space is big, then the Braun Force is not possible.

Alan Turing later developed a more effective device to break this code, named after Bombe. His machine was used during the Second World War to deliver messages sent to Germany's Enigma machine. This is a famous Hollywood movie called The Imitation Game. Actor Benedict Cumberbatch, starring Alan Turing

Allan Turing is known as the theologian computer science and father of intellectual intelligence. He was the first to give a concept of a modern computer named Turing Machine. He is one of the most important hackers in history due to his made Bombe machine.

At that time the punch card was used to save and process data. There was a hole on this card at a particular place, it would not have been easy. Which means zero or one. Throughout most of the twentieth century, digital computers used data inputs and outputs through such cards.

Hitler's Nazis used a type of Punch card to know the Jews' position. And it was able to hack a French expert in France.

Thus began the hacking culture gradually. The name of some famous people is engraved with it. We may not be so familiar with these early hacking. This is probably because of our traditional ideas about computers. But we will gradually move forward as far as I know everything.

Hackers have changed with the change of computer concept. In many cases, they were ahead of many contemporary people, still ahead. We also understand that the real world of these super-savvy hackers is as spectacular as the silver screen hackers.

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