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Every VIP personality needs security for their own and their many powerful personalities around the Globe and thinks once, how much risk the American president always has to go with?
Suppose, the current President Donald Trump is going anywhere on the plane. To defeat an enemy in America, he threw an anti-aircraft missile to the plane carrying him. That's the end! But is it so easy to become a threat to the life of President of a country? If it is a modern technology-based country like America, then there is no talk. Today, we will talk about the Ecloning of the most powerful country's president from one country to another.

'Air Force One' is the aircraft used for the movement of the American president. No specific plans are given the name. The Air Force One, which will carry the President of the American Air Force, will be entitled 'Air Force One'. This is done mainly to indicate that the plane is different from other planes.

Currently, there are two planes, which are entitled 'Air Force One'. Both are Boeing 747-200B Jet Plenadotta's designation is VC-25A and their toll number SAM-28,000 and SAM-29,000. Let's know about the structure of his plane before entering the special aircraft of the American President.

• Each plane is 64 feet high.
• The cabin space is 4000 square feet.
• Each engine uses the General Electric CF6-80C2B1 model jet engine.
• Each plane weighs about 833,000 pounds.
• They can fly at 630-700 miles per hour.
• Plane capable of maximum 45,100 feet high.
• If the fuel tank is filled than half of the world can turn around once.

If there were only these features, then Air Force One could not sit for writing. Because it's actual feature has not said anything yet. Air Force One's main attraction is hiding on each side.

It is true that Air Force One will never open its entire infrastructure information to the world's public. No one will think of its own safety. Even the politicians and journalists who go to different departments do not get permission to visit the whole plane! So the information that has been revealed so far is only a collective form of official-unofficial data available at different times.

This article has been arranged by gathering together the bunch of information gathered on the Internet. Why then? Let's once again come back from the aeroplanes used by people like President Barack Obama and George W. Bush

President private airplane

  • Normal jumbo jets generally have 400 passengers, as well as many crews. But Air Force One will have a maximum of 70 passengers on a single plane. And there will be 26 crew.
  • For the complex communication and defence systems, its wiring is twice as much as the normal zombie jet - about 238 miles! The warning system is protected in a way that does not harm the atomic bomb explosion
  • Definitely, the plane has its own medical facilities. With its own huge pharmacy, emergency room equipment and a foldable operation table, the plane flew over the sky like birds. Wherever the President goes, he is accompanied by an expert medical team.
  • The whole aircraft was divided into 3 levels. At the top level is the complex electronic equipment. There are 87 telephones, faxes, dozens of radio and computers. There are 19 TVs. The middle level is for passengers. There are galleries, medical centres and the President's own residence. There are bedrooms, bathrooms, gymnasiums and offices. American presidents have also been told to say that they found more privacy than riding on the Air Force One than the surface of the world. The bottom level is for cargo space. There are many refrigerators, where more than 2,000 beds (morning, noon, afternoon, 3 o'clock) are preserved.
  • All the crew members of the plane are exclusively tested military personnel, whose last record is exemplary. When there is a need to buy food, they usually go to different markets to buy the favourite food so that someone in the enemy can not add poison to the particular food.
  • There are stairs on the front and back of the planets so that the local airport does not have to wait.
  • Fuel tanks and engines are the most sensitive space on the plane. There are four engines here. Fuel tanks are capable of holding 200,000 litres of fuel. They are equipped with infrared units so they can detect any bullet or missile from a distance. There is also a flair under the wings, which is able to change the enemy's missile direction.
  • There is an electronic counter-miser defence system, which is capable of jamming the enemy radar.

  • One of the biggest advantages of the plane is that if the fuel is running out of the air due to it being in the sky, then it is capable of refuelling in the sky.
  • Secret Service Agents are always hiding near President's suite to save President's life.
  • Plasma TV is operated on the plane's 'Situation Room' with various teleconferences.
  • The plane has 87 telephones but it has two types. The brown colour phones are secured lines. On the other hand, white coloured telephones are unclassified.
The plane that I have said so far we can call it as a Mini _White House. Why not? It is really carrying a significant part of the white house.

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