Theory of Mind (ToM)/ Psychology

Written By Md Sajjad Hossain Rabby,

The mind is the most powerful thing in this world. There is nothing that he can not do. If you think your mind will hurt you, then you will cry. If you feel as if you smile, you will laugh. You can control all of them. If all things are relative then whole human life ties are psychological.

There is nothing exponential in the world. Everything is a creation of human mind. At the end of the class, at the end of the suppose classmates asked in a chat "Why is diamond so expensive?" Many people can not justify my words. The purpose of saying this is to give an example of the power of the human mind. Diamond has no power at all. Diamond made people very expensive. If the man did not feel valued, then it would have been Valueless today.

So learn to control the mind. The more jealousy surrounding it ... the more pain ... the more you negligence, the more you laugh ... believe you will smile.
At the end of the day, everything is psychological ... matter of your own!

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