Lessons that Trump should Learn from these countries.

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"We will build a big wall on the southern border of the country. And I will leave the money that is needed to build this wall from Mexico. "

Anti-immunity restrictions, anti-immigrant walls - The whole thing was that immigration was the main subject of the election campaign of US President Donald Trump. There has been a security issue in the campaign, there has been an issue of foreign policy, the issue of terrorism has arrived, the issue of environment has arrived, but in the end, almost every issue has come into the migration, the US is almost alienating the world from the rest of the world, making call-factories the United States of America This rich man has conquered the mind.

General Americans (especially those who were white and educated) did not even think about whether there was any prior experience of trump in politics, by giving walls, prohibiting travel restrictions, or even putting these basic questions on whether terrorism can be stopped. After the fate of migration began in recent years due to the continuation of the crisis in Syria and the Middle East, many European countries have given barbed fences on the border. But the trunk, which is about 3200 kilometres long, 30 feet high on the other side of the Atlantic, has not been able to become a divisive person. Some critics have not even been able to joke back - and do not do anything else, America's trump can be able to retain China in the walls (though the matter is not true because the length of the Great Wall of China is more than 21,000 kilometres).

Although the high walls of the border will solve all the problems of illegal immigrants, drugs, rape, etc., claiming the trump, the Indian-Bangalore researcher Dr Sudha Ramchandran says the opposite is the opposite. And for this, he has chosen the world's most notorious India-Bangladesh border. 4,700 kilometres long barbed fence between India and Bangladesh. The border areas in the two countries are densely populated. In these two countries separated in 1947, there are numerous families in the adjacent areas of the border whose relatives live on the boundary line. Many times, the risk of tearing blood is to spread the barbed wire.

In the last two decades of the last century, looking at the Indian state of Assam, a great deal will be seen between the Assamese and the current Americans. The movement against Bangladeshi immigrants began in the 1980s. Like today's Americans, the Assamese claimed that due to Bangladeshi expatriates across the border, their jobs, impacts, etc. are shocking. It is good to say that Assam is a state that is incompatible with the inadequate discrimination and negligence of the central Delhi government. In the 1970's, armed rebellions against the central government began in the state. However, the government of India took steps to stop immigrants from hurling abusive people to ease the residents of Assam, who had become a hot fire. The barbed wire is placed, the guard is placed in the guard.

What is the consequence of setting up this 8 feet tall, electrified fence? In the last few years, when the magazine opened, this fence could not stop the number of illegal migrants going to India from Bangladesh. The Bangladeshi and the Indians are still ferrying the barrels to reach their relatives at Harhamesh border. Even the news of crossing the border of love crossed the border of another country. If the context of kinship is dropped, the barbed wire fencing, human trafficking, smuggling, etc. have not been reduced. Many times these are known to the borders of the two countries.

Rees Jones, a professor at the University of Hawaii, USA, said, "There is very little evidence that the border walls are working to prevent immigration. In exchange for fake papers and bribe at different points of the line, the people will come and go. That means, even if there is a change in the pattern or type of migration, there is a nearly disabled border fence to stop it. "The barbed wire fence is also not very effective in preventing terrorism. Because the members of a well-organized circle have enough money in it, with which they can easily make fake papers. Besides, if recent terrorist attacks in different countries are noticed, then it is seen that there is less than a precedent that attacks from other countries. All the attackers of Bangladeshi Artisan Bakery are Bangladeshi American citizen was an attacker in California in the US in 2016. Paris, Brussels is the same image everywhere.

Although the main objective was not achieved, this barbed wire has become the sacrifice of more than thousand people. The Indian Border Security Force (BSF)'s controversial 'shoot-on-site' policy, which is going to smuggle the border and prevent illegal immigration from Bangladesh, in view of which BSF can shoot or cause a Bangladeshi without reason. In an article published in the British Daily Guardian in 2011, it has been mentioned that from 2000 to 2011, there are allegations of killing of around 1,500 civil and civilian Bangladeshis against the BSF. According to the estimates made by Bangladeshi Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal, Indian Border Security Force (BSF) has reported 146 Bangladeshi Bangladeshi murders from 2012 to 18 April 2016. Not only the killing but also the release of some of the leaked videos on the Bangladeshi nation's torture of Indian border guards have also been revealed. In 2011, a 15-year-old girl named Fellani was killed by BSF, which made the storm of condemnation throughout the world. The Bangladeshi lawyer, who is reluctant to disclose the name, said that most of the dead people are actually the landowners who are near the border, while they were shot during farming. A large part of the casualties is no more financial but rather murdered on the way home of the relatives comes home.

How is the failure of so many failure and the history of inhuman border fences?

The reason is that one can not fulfil the objective, but it is the imperative tool of politics. Straits incite extremist nationalism, political parties, using the nationalism that people use to support the people. The leaders say, we have kept you safe by the thorns. The killers were killed on the border, the people surrounded by thorns, think that if the government was not Brave, what would not have been ruin!

Coming back to America topic. In the last quarter of the last century, especially in the nineties, America's big companies have removed their factories in countries such as China, Mexico, Bangladesh and India in the urge for cheap labour. In the US, the jobs for 'blue collar jobs' or the less educated ones have become fewer jobs. On the other hand, in the third world cheap labour, the pockets were heavy, the industrialist had a handful. The US government could increase the tax, increase the state expenditure in social welfare, education, health etc., by increasing the tax on 1% population. But that did not happen. It is heard, Barack Obama once requested Apple CEO to take a dinner, whether Apple's factories could be brought back to the country's soil. The answer was negative.
Donald Trump has come here now He says Mexicans are coming to this country, taking your jobs, Muslims are taking your jobs. Vote me, I'll protect you. Whereas Donald Trump's oath-taking caps, his daughter, Ivanka Trump Fashion brand, are all made in China, Bangladesh, Vietnam.
This trump has raised the wall of the wall. It's only a matter of time to say that the walls will be stuck in the Mexican, or will work as a blot on white-educated white Americans.

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