Pluto is not a plant anymore!!!

The International Astronomical Union announced that there should be no qualification for Pluto in the planets. Pluto has been removed from the list of planets.

Then the trouble happened across the country. Why Man? What is the purpose of removing Pluto from the status of the planet itself by making themselves the criteria of the eligibility itself? The movement started, As a result, people have gone down the street with banners, festoons, placards. Demonstrators demand- Let Pluto get a chance again. Get Pluto re-assembled by changing the definition of the planet.

Pluto's life was quite eventful before the discovery. It is unique in comparison to any other planet in the solar system. Here is the eventful life of Pluto presenting here.

The history of the discovery

Scientists and mathematicians are unique in one direction. They can get an idea of its existence through mathematical calculations without even seeing any object directly. You can tell if there is any satellite or any other planets around it by analyzing the planets and other activities. For example, scientists once calculated that there would be a planet between Mars and Jupiter planets. But the planet could not be found for some reason. It was later discovered that there was a plan to build a planet, but for some reason, it could not be completed. The objects that are likely to be formed in combination with the objects are scattered around the centre of the two planets orbits. We know the objects of this region as 'asteroids'.

Neptune planet was discovered in 1846. Planet Uranus before Neptune Observe the uranium activity and see some incompatibilities there. By analyzing them through the laws of physics, scientists doubt there might be another planet outside of it. That planet is Neptune. Later, Neptune found some discrepancy in the direction of the scientists. It is assumed that there is a planet outside that is influencing the direction of Neptune through its gravitational attraction.

But where is that planet? Day searches are searched day after day but do not catch. Scientists named it 'Planet X' or 'Unknown planet'. X is defined as variable or unknown matter. For finding this planet, who came out with great importance, the name Percival Lowell Was very wealthy. Spending a lot of money, an observatory named 'Lowell Observatory' was created in Arizona. In 1894, he started working extensively to find the potential planet.

But the rules left. The planet was found without searching for a long time. In 1916, the work of searching these planets was continuing until the death of Perceval. After his death, this work fell down.
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After a long time, an unexpected event made this work vigorous. One day the director of the Lovell Observatory came to see a letter containing a picture of Akashpath. The letter has sent a young man, who has no university level education. He was impressed by the ability to monitor the sky of the youth who could not study much and called him and gave him a job. Job job is to take pictures of the sky and search for Pluto planet.

Young's name is Clyde Tombaugh. The story of why and how the letter was sent here is quite incidental. Tomboy was interested in astronomy since his childhood. The environment also got positive for this. Uncle had a telescope. It used to monitor the planets of the sky in the sky. Once upon a time, he developed the technique of creating a telescope. In 1928, a 9-inch refractor was made a telescope. Previously, the telescopes made were not so perfect. In comparison to that, it has been quite perfect. Sky show is clear

That year he was about to be admitted to his university. The subject was also astronomy. But luck was not positive. At such an important time all the crops of the family were destroyed in a hailstorm. There is a great difference between America and America today. At that time it does not mean losing all the crops or starving. In such a situation, it was not possible to provide university expenses on his family. He was upset and stayed in farming and minded for the development of the family.

I could not read with astronomy, the skyline remained still. At the end of the night, he was looking at the telescope with the sky in the sky. Jupiter and Mars were watching the hobby as they began to monitor. Through observation, the image of the two of the planets sent them to the Lovell Observatory. The director of the Observatory can take his talent and put him in the job of watching the sky.


The headline of the magazine has been discovered in Pluto. It's amazed spread not only in the US but throughout the world. The new planet needs to give a name. When the name was called, more than one thousand names were deposited. From Z to Z, many names come in their hands. The name given to the eleven-year-old school girl was chosen by checking all the names. His proposed name was Pluto. Because in the mythological mythology Pluto is the god of Underworld or the dark kingdom. On the other hand, Pluto is always in the dark. It is so far away from the sun that there is not enough light to reach there. Naming is worthwhile.

Why Pluto is out of the planet list?

Uranus and Neptune's orbital problems may have been solved after the discovery of the planet, but along with many other new problems have also been born. As it is very small in size. Its diameter is one-fifth of the Earth's diameter. The mass is very low, one fifth of the Earth's mass. Its orbital is not normal, at some point in the rotation around the Sun, penetrates the orbit of Neptune and moves inside. The outer planets of the solar system are gases, but it is rocky. The orbits of other planets are located on a flat plane, but its orbits are slightly tilted.

Meanwhile, a satellite of Pluto was discovered. Generally, a planet's satellites are very small and the stars move around the planet due to the strong attraction of the planet. But in the case of Pluto, the other is. Pluto's satellite is about half of Pluto's size, which is comparatively much larger than the satellite. If the satellite becomes half of the size of the planet in the shape of the planet, then it will get out of the planet's effect. Because of being larger in size or because of mass, will behave disrespectful, wanting to create an impact on the original planet. If that happens then it will put the value of the planet in the face of the question.

Pluto's biggest problem in Planetown was in 2005. Scientists found an object outside Pluto's borders, which is more than the mass of Pluto. It was named Eris. After the discovery, NASA announced it as the tenth planet. But to find other such objects in the area, there is a question about the definition of the planet. If you take objects as a planet in mass form, then there will be many planets around the orbit, which will only increase the disturbance.

In such a situation, scientists went on to think and tried to define the definition of the planet through the conference. The planet's definition is defined in this conference of the International Astronomical Union (IAU) held in 2006. Here voting is done with the first scientists. One of the options is that the planets with the names of Eris and Ceres (the largest asteroid) will be twelve. Pluto will be in the list of planets. Since their mass is more than Pluto or near Pluto so why would they not take Pluto as a planet?

Another option is to identify the objects in the Solar System that are most familiar to the planet. Then the total planets with Pluto will be nine. Other heavy objects than Pluto will be excluded from the two lists. This definition is certainly not reasonable.

The third option is considered to be an object planet when reading in a logical definition. If not outside of this. This will be 8 of the total planets. Pluto can be removed From a common asteroid to large but smaller than normal planets, a definition is defined as 'dwarf planet' for this type of object. As Pluto, Ceres and Eris are considered as dwarf planets.The voters have chosen the last speech. Pluto is excluded from the list of planets. If this conference was conducted with ordinary people, then they would have given importance to emotions. But the logical position won the scientists' wins.

The condition of being a planet

The conditions for the planet being determined by the International Astronomical Union are:

1. The sun will rotate in the centre. (Pluto passed this condition.)

2. There must be sufficient mass so that through its gravitational strength, it can contain a fairly round shape. (Pluto is conditioned on this condition.)

3. During rotation in the orbit, there should be strong influences around it so that the surrounding turbulent objects are cleaned. (Pluto is also here.)

Pluto was excluded from the planet list because it did not meet the last two conditions. If you notice, all the planets are round. No planets are like pyramids, cylinders or cubes. When the object becomes too heavy, the elements of the planet become like a fluid or a fluid compared to the energy of its attraction. Although the world's structural elements seem to be solid particles in general, the world's strongest attraction can be detached from them. Religions of all objects of nature are rounded. If you sprinkle water with mugs, then you can see that the water has made many round spots. The planets also contain rounds for this religion. But there is not enough mass in Pluto, which will be able to rotate its structural material and rotate it from any other shape.

When other planets rotate in their orbits, they attract tiny objects around themselves by gravitational attraction. As a result, the orbital becomes litter-free. Pluto could not do this. There is no strong impact on his or her orbital area.

Considering all these aspects, Pluto has been carefully excluded from the list of planets. As a child, we read Pluto as a planet in the book. Now you have to read 'Pluto a dwarf planet'.

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