Coincidences!! - World's Most Surprising

Since the beginning of the human race, many miracles and bizarre events have been encountered. Sometimes the explanation of that incident has been found, it has been tried to explain it simply by calling it 'coincidental'. Here are some of the events organized by this arrangement.

1. What is lotted can not be blotted

Theory of mind-world's incredible coincidences

In 1883, Henry Jiggle was a young boy. But at that age, the big one made a mistake, but could not imagine that the incident would chase him even after so many years! Because of her relationship with her ex-girlfriend, her lover exhausted herself to commit suicide. As a result, the big brother of that love went mad and killed Henri, and found out that he fired until he fired. He then succumbed to a gunshot on his head after thinking of Henry dead.

Fortunately, Henry survived, the bullet went out in front of his face; he was stuck on a tree in the back. Definitely thought, "I'm very lucky, I have survived too much!" But Vinay's behaviour might have been different.

After many years have passed, Henry has left behind youth during that time. One day, decided to cut the tree in front of the house. He has forgotten that the tree is still pierced in the tree. Normal, after all these years and remember that and so much nonsense!

Henry did not want to bother to cut the tree, decided it would blow it out with dynamite. Think of that, that work. By laying down the dynamite under the tree, he kept quiet and waited for the finish of the work. And just then the dynamite cracks in a loud voice and the bullet pierced in the tree was knocked down and Henry's head was pierced. Immediately he fell into the lap of death. After all these years, the bullet could not avoid the injury, Henry Jigland! [1]

2. Twine Fact 

Same looking twins are a bit awakening, but the life of these two brothers in Ohio is dramatic and not surprising, it can be said to be a bet!

James Lewis and James Spinner - Two twin brothers, However, after being born, both were in an orphanage, from which two separate families left after adopting them in two different countries. As a result, after the birth of the two brothers, even after no one did not even know anyone! But they all laid the whole life in the same formula! Needless to say, there was no communication between the two people.

After adoption, the two families named after the new 'James', who were called 'Jim', who was shortened. Both of them took law-enforced training, both of them were skilled as mechanical drawing and carpenter. Then they were married, both of them got married, and two women named 'Linda' were married. Interestingly, both of them have one son and both of them are named after James Allan!

But the rules are left, the first marriage does not last for both, divorce becomes very quickly. Then both of them married another - now the wife's name is Betty! There was a pet dog in two 'Beti', whose name was Toy!

Then on February 9, 1979 - after 39 years of age, they got acquainted with each other, and two could know that the life style of both of them came the same way for a long time.

3. The same thread

The birth of a family like that in the same thread, the wonder of God in a strange way, the death of an Italian family was formed in the same thread. In 1899, a person died in lightning in Taranto, Italy. Thirty years later ... in the same way, the son of that person died in lightning.

The event could have ended here. But on October 8, 1949, the son of the first person and the second son 'Rolya Primarada' died in the same place in the same way!

4. Presidential Coincidence Returns!

There is a very popular animation series called 'The Simpsons', where in 2000, it was a comedy that showed how Donald Trump was president.

The most strange thing was that in the show "The Simpsons", the pre-election campaign was shown in trump, in reality, it was exactly the same! Did anyone ever think that the trump one day would become the president of the United States?

5. Richard Parker!

Theory of Mind-Richard Parker

Edgar Allan Poe is a renowned literary, poet, literary critic and one of the leaders of the romance movement of America; There is no comparison between the mystery stories of English literature. Suddenly he went around, he had a time machine! but why?

His novel 'The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket', which was published in 1838, was written about the ship's Rebel 4 sailors. In the story, the four sailors were tormented by a ship in the sea. One of the four sailors was named Richard Parker. The story was such that when four people were dying due to lack of water, Richard would make a desperate proposal. Will be won; Those who lose that toss will eat it, the rest will eat Parker wanted to save the lives of others, he lost the toss and later killed him and consumed his meat while others were starving. Poe claims that the story is based on a true story.

This is exactly 46 years after the book was published, a yacht drowning on the way to Southampton to Australia. At the time of taking shelter in a lifeboat, he was able to save his life, coincidentally one of them was named Richard Parker! The 17-year-old killed the young man and ate his meat hungry and his companions!

Poe claimed that the story was true? But the same thing happened 46 years after the book was published! But did Edgar Allan Bo really have a time machine? Or is mere coincidence? To honor Richard Parker, the novelist, Richard Martel, named the Royal Bengal Tiger, named 'Life of Pai', in 2001, titled 'Richard Parker.

6. From Earth to Moon

In 1865, Jules Verne composed his unique creation, the famous science fiction novel, "From the Earth to the Moon," where the author described the details of Chandravyan. He wrote there, three astronauts made the moonlight in a spacecraft called 'Columbia'. Three of them gave a breathtaking description of returning to the rest of the world, even JW Verne, even saying that the plane landed in the Pacific Ocean during landing.

After almost a century, in 1969, three astronauts, Blue Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edwin Aldrin Jr., travelled towards Moon by Apollo 11 from Earth. They came back as the first moon-walker in the world, even their navy was also in the Pacific Ocean!

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