15 Nostalgic Smartphones

If we go back to the history of smartphones Th e of the Motorola will come first - world's first smartphone company.In tech-world everything is changing rapidly due to the customer demand and tech revolution.But no matter whatever smartphones are coming to some loved phones will be in people's heart and nothing can take that place. Now Take a look at what was the old 15 nostalgic phones.

15 Nostalgic Phones

15 Nostalgic Phones

Nokia 8110

The phone came to market in 1996 with a unique feature which was - hidden keyboard under the McClane Slider. The slider had a microphone that made it easier to make voice and move more easily. This phone is also used in the 1999 blockbuster hit science fiction movie Matrix.

Nokia 3310

Made in Finland and Nokia's most popular phone. The handset that came to market in 2000 was the first to bring customizable express-on cover in the mobile phone world.

Motorola Star TAC

In 1996, this phone was the first phone of its kind. It was a 2G phone. So that there was a monochrome graphic display of 4x15 character resolution. The phone also had mono-ringtone, vibration alert and 500 mAh battery.

Nokia 1110

It was the most widely used mobile phone handset of all time. The phone was popular for the slim design, durable body and chronic battery.

Nokia 6600

This is called one of the primary smartphones. It was compatible with Symbian OS operating system including VGA (0.3 megapixels) resolution rear-camera and video calling system. The phone with 5 megabytes of expandable memory had a five-way joystick and 2.16-inch TFT display.

Moto RAZR V3

This stylish handset came in the market in 2003. The phone had an aluminium body and an External Glass Screen.

Nokia 9210 Communicator

It's Nokia's Business Class Smartphone. Which was open to laptops and a mini keyboard. In 2000, there was a colour screen on the phone in the market. It was one of the few hands-on gadgets that send and receives faxes through cloud mobile. It also had the features of internet and email.

Ericsson T8

It was the slimmest phone in the market since 1999 and its weight was only 83 grams The phone was full of dual-band GSM and 250 contacts. The phone also had classic games like Tetris and Solitaire. In addition to its monophonic ringtone, users could also compose the ringtone by themselves.

Nokia N-Gage

It was the world's first phone with a portable gaming console as well. Another nostalgic phone among all.

BlackBerry Pearl 8100

Once BlackBerry's phone was a symbol of nobility and business class people. In 2006, there was a phone similar to the BlackBerry 8100 in the market. This smartphone with a colourful screen with the advanced keyboard also had a trackable pricing navigation. The first 1.3-megapixel camera was added to BlackBerry's handset.

Sony Ericsson K 750

Featured with a great camera and great audio quality, this phone became popular after coming to market. In 2005, this phone was a candy-style phone that used to be the company's famous joystick for navigation. The volume control keys on its side were used to zoom in in camera mode and zoom out.

HTC Dream

It was the first commercially-operated Android-powered smartphone. The HTC Dream was a horizontal slide-out touchscreen with the keyboard below. The 192 MB RAM and the phone with 256 MB of memory were powered by the Android 1.6 Donut operating system. The smartphone had 1150 mAh battery.

Nokia N95

In 2007, this phone was Nokia's best phone. The Symbian S60-powered phone had two-way slide mechanism that could be used on the numeric keypad or media playback button. There were also 5-megapixel rear-cameras, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi. That year Apple's iPhone came first in the market. And Nokia's phone was considered to be the first iPhone rival.

Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung is the best brand of smartphones The first Galaxy Note series of the phone came on the market in 2011. The 5.3-inch phone has made the idea of phablet popular. The phone was the guide to the big screen features of today's smartphones.

Apple iPhone

In 2007, the US company, Apple's first iPhone launched a new horizon in the mobile phone world. This was the first full touch phone. The phone was a guide to features like on-screen keyboards,
15 nostalgic phones

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