Lamborghini smartphone!!!

Currently, every mobile company's competition in the world of technology is to give a better configuration to its customer. In the competition, some companies like Samsung, Apple, are continuously adding new technologies to keep them in the best position on smartphones market. The world's most expensive smartphone, "Lamborghini", world's most famous and popular company by name which has just entered in this competition.(Lamborghini smartphone)

Lamborghini smartphone

This ultra-luxury Android smartphone is damn expensive for middle class though very cheap for rich class. This smartphone is called  'Alpha-One'.
It is completely Italian designed and has been added the latest technology and features. Alpha-One Smartphone has a 5.5-inch display. The smartphone has 8-megapixel front and 20-megapixel rear camera for photos and photos. The phone has Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor and 4GB RAM. There is also up to 64 GB internal memory storage facility. However, external memory storage up to 128 GB can be used.
Internal memory storage up to 64 GB and external with up to 128 GB memory storage facility will be found on this phone. There are fingerprint scanners. and Lamborghini has priced it around $ 2,450, which is a little bit expensive. The phone is currently available in Europe and Arab Emirates only.

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