Antikythera Historical Mystery Solved!!!


Antikythera is the oldest analogue computer in the world. In the 60's, ancient astronomers in ancient Greece used a device to calculate the planets and stars. The first known device called Antikythera Mechanism was found in 1901. The diver team found it in search of the remains of a shipwreck near the Antikythera island of Greece. Among the rescued items, there were various types of metal coins, bronze marble statues, ornaments, and various items including pot. It was almost two years after the rescue, in the archaeological museum of Athens.


Still, no one could guess about it. Archaeologist Valerios Stacee examined the things that were rescued in 1902 and realized that it was different from the other things that were rescued earlier. After that, various research and investigations continued. In 2005, the study started again with a great boost. The world's leading hi-tech companies have involved in this work. After extensive research, they figured out that the Greek civilization with the help of Antikythera could measure and calculate the location of the Moon, the Sun and other planets and stars.It was also possible to track the orbit of Sun and Moon. Besides this, the machine was used for astrology. It had a total of 30 bronze gear. The whole box of this machine was also were made of wood and bronze.

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