Cloning Processes - What is Cloning?

Cloning Processes 

Scientists are cloning in different ways. In the case of gene clones, the first DNA is collected. Then it is transferred to the carrier's cell. In this case, various bacteria, viruses and Easter are used as carriers. The carriers can make thousands of copies of the desired DNA in a short period of time by dividing the cell.

But the reproduction cloning method is different from gene cloning. In order to give birth to animals in breeding cloning, another sub species are required as 'mother'. In this case, the first body is separated from the body of the desired organism. Then the nucleus was removed from another animal's egg. DNA of the desired coronary is replaced with nucleus-free ovaries carefully.

The fertilized egg then was initially transferred to a test tube. At the appropriate time, it is placed in the mother's uterus. Later on, the mother gave birth to a cloned breed.

The whole process of cloning is very complex and fine. Due to small mistakes, major accidents can happen.

Some wrong ideas

Many people think that children born in cloning have the same look. But it's wrong. Although cloned animals are genetically similar, they may not be the same. The first clone cats 'CC' is very different from their mother cats

It is not possible to bring back lost relatives or loved ones through cloning. Due to our technical limitations, most of the embryos are damaged during pregnancy. Most of the animals born through cloning have died after various genetic diseases.

At any time, even if it is possible to give birth to a completely healthy person through cloning, that person will be born as a completely different person. That is, scientist Einstein Clone No person will begin to discover complex complications after birth. He may not be a scientist. Even though he is a scientist, he is not Einstein, he will be a scientist in his own field. Even if DNA is 100 percent matching, their fingerprints will not be the same.

Cloning is a future name in the biology world. Thousands of criticisms, hesitation, are going on in the question cloning research. Millions of dollars spent on this. On the one hand, cloning research has awakened the possibility of a new revolution in the medical field, on the other hand, it can be seen on the chest of the world by using it in a dishonest way. However, it can be assured that if there is a large discovery in cloning research, the whole scenario of our future may change.

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