What will be the future of this World !!!

Future world

What is the future of the world? This is a big question. Let's see whether this question could be explained by simple imagination or not. For example, the Future world? Let's try to find out what the world will become in the next 50 to 150 years.( future world )

future world

People will be able to learn very well within the next 50 to 150 years. Genetic editing tools will have arrived. And due to the progress made in the treatment of cancer, no one under the age of 100 years will be death by cancer. Therefore, the average life expectancy of the people will increase, as it has already increased over the last one and a half years.
But in the next 1000 years, people will be almost immortal they probably will reach that point. In the nineteenth-century average life expectancy was 37 and now it is 78. So, if the singularity does not reach the point, there will be no doubt that the average life expectancy will increase to 100 in the next 150 years.The population will increase by 9.7 billion in 2050, and in 2100 will be 11.2 billion, such a world After 150 years, a little socioeconomic imbalance can become a very distortion. More inequality may occur; From now despair and anarchy already exist.

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Using artificial intelligence, the use of robots in production can reach such a stage that the economic difference between Asia and America will be huge. The great people of the human race in the developed countries may not normally die after 100 years from today. They will establish their own artificial island in the world's international water cycle, with their huge resources, and set up Baroque Opera.
And also in the middle of the Atlantic or the Pacific Ocean on the water (and under) will be an established new super-rich sovereign states. The great wealthy almost-immortal people of these islands will settle for the first opportunity in the moon or Mars or other planets. And from the climate side, devastated by natural resources will be left on this planet for genetically unpredictable groups of people of poor countries.

Even the nuclear war could end in our world and it is almost impossible to tell the world where the world will go in the next 150 years.
Maybe all these are just a joke but we all know that future is unpredictable only almighty knows about it.

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