Who are the Rohingyas ? What's the solution ?

Rohingya resident of Arakan state They are Muslim by religion. There are about eight hundred thousands Rohingyas according to Myanmar government's statistic.(Rohingya news)

The Myanmar government has not recognized the Rohingya population as a citizen of Myanmar. The Myanmar government has recognized 135 ethnic minorities as a minority, Rohingya is not included in this list. According to the Myanmar government, the Rohingya are Bangladeshi, who are currently living illegally in Myanmar. Although the history speaks differently.

Then try to find out the Rohingyas' history. In the 7th-8th century, the Rohingya population emerged. Initially, the emergence of Rohingya people in the middle-east Muslim and local Arakanis Later, this hybrid race emerged from a mixture of people from Rakhine, Arakanese, Bengali, Indian, Middle East, Central Asia and Southeast Asia in the beginning of the eighth and fourteenth centuries as a complete nation. Afterwards, for the past 3 hundred years, Rohingyas had their own state in Arakan and they managed it.
The Myanmar government claimed that the British brought the Rohingyas from Arakan from India, Chantgaoya, Bangladesh, and settled there after settling there! Actually, there is no historical basis for this word. The Rohingya emerged as a clean nation several centuries before the British arrived. Although the history of Rohingyas developed in Arakan as a nation is clear, the Myanmar government does not recognize any of them. These unrecognized Rohingyas cross the border to Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Thailand. Many Rohingyas have died due to crossing the river by the river.
Over the past few decades, the Myanmar government has been pushing the Rohingya to Bangladesh border. Routinomic torture has forced Rohingya to enter Bangladesh. Since Operation Dragon (1978), more than 400,000 Rohingyas are living in sheltered lands in Bangladesh. Although the number of Rohingyas listed in Bangladesh is less as a refugee. In 1992, many Rohingya took shelter in the country, but in the diplomatic efforts of the government, the Myanmar government was forced to return many Rohingya.
Myanmar government is doing what it is doing to Rohingya, it is against crime against whole humanity. For more than a thousand years, not giving citizenship facility to the Rohingya who have been developing in Arakan, creating the GATO (specific colony) to be inhumane to be inhuman environment, forced labor recruitment, judicial arrest, ownership, universal education, medical, utility services and basic Myanmar crosses the last border of submergence by depriving us of human rights Rocker
For the good of the World Media, everyone is watching this barbarity!
The United Nations asked to open for the Rohingyas of Bangladesh! Here is my objection! Maybe I may feel inhuman but it should not be done by the government to question sovereignty. And it's not the right way to solve it. Maybe the cost of registered Rohingyas will take the United Nations, but how much is our government capable of taking responsibility for the rest? The Rohingyas who are still unregistered, are involved in many illegal activities. Drugs (Yaba one) are involved in fake money and sex. They are taking Bangladeshi passports with some broker of this country and going outside if there is no illegal act done, then the image of Bangladesh is destroyed by Rohingya!
In general, Bangladesh does not have the capability to maintain such awareness of surveillance. So the best way to solve the diplomatic path will be to try. I have some suggestions on this way, these may be a long-term solution.

1 / Rohingya do's:

★ To organize an organization with all Rohingyas and to unite everyone inside this organization.
★ It can take UN's cooperation if necessary to create international representation through that organization.
★ Educate yourself. Get help from various NGOs and UNDP in the collection of educational materials.
★ Legal conflict between the international court against the Myanmar government with appropriate evidence and logic.
★ Ensure that their youth may not be at risk for militancy because international donor agencies believe that Rohingya youths are one of the sources for the mobilization of various militant groups.
★ Recognize international organizations about their history, expansion and status so that they put pressure on the Myanmar government to resolve the Rohingya issue

2 / Bangladesh to do Rohingya issue:

★ Unfolding the border, raising its negative points threatening to our sovereignty (Bangladesh has not signed the United Nations Refugee Convention so we are not obliged to do it)
★ Do not allow any Rohingyas to enter Bangladesh.
★ List the Rohingya who are in Bangladesh, make lists and strict surveillance. Formulate a Rohingya policy; By which the government of Bangladesh will provide the benefits of the refugee Rohingas, if the Rohingyas are to remain in Bangladesh, then what rules should be followed?
★ Raising the history of the Rohingyas to the world and introducing autonomy in Arakan by bringing Rohingya back to Myanmar under pressure from Myanmar.

3 / International community to do the Rohingya issue:

★ Transmit help required for Rohingya refugees.
★ Putting pressure on Myanmar, so that the Myanmar government gives full citizenship to Rohingya.
★ Autonomous Region for Rohingya in the Northern Territory of Arakan.

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