How to save yourself from getting Hacked - 4 hacking methods

Protection against hackers

At present, millions of hackers, spammers, scammers are trying to collect information about your social security number, bank account, social media account or your personal media. By hacking the important information of anyone, they can make your life miserable. Even they can put you under financial crisis through blackmailing you. The most frightening thing is that anyone can be a hacker nowadays. There are some hacking kits that anyone can buy only for three to five thousand dollars which are able to perform some hacking related tasks automatically.In this article, readers will be aware of different types of hacking style and will learn about how to build protection against hackers.
protection against hackers

The easiest and effective way to avoid such attacks is to be aware of how hackers attack because youwill be able to build shield only when you know the strategy of enemy attacks-mechanisms.

So, how do hackers attack?

1) Phishing scams

You are lucky, A Nigerian Prince, losing the empire, wants to transfer a few million dollar elsewhere through you . If the whole process succeeds, you will get a lot of moneyas gift. But for that you must go through some formalities.
Then they may ask for important information about you such as bank account number, security code etc. and suppose you have fulfilled all their requirements by being hypnotized in greed for money- At the end, you will be screwed up totally!!!

Primarily anybody will think that this kind of kinds of stuff even the fools won't ever do that but in reality every year 10 thousand people get trapped in Africa through this scam. The hackers present themselves with various proofs in such a way that you can get hacked anytime for lack of awareness. In the case in Nigeria, '419' scams' are quite popular.

The success of phishing or scams for a hacker depends on how fast you are agreeing to their proposals. Before agreeing to such e-mail or offer if you use your little common sense then you could be saved.(Protection against hackers)

2) Trozan horse

Hackers are able to get your sensitive info through installing a virus made by them on your computer. They also have the ability to monitor your everyday's tasks that you are performing through the computer. To do such things, they install simple micro viruses on the targeted computer. Initially, it does not seem to be harmful but eventually, they are able to create biggest catastrophes and this method is called 'Trozan horse' or just 'Trozan'.That's why I named my Blog  Tech Trozan as Tech stands for Positive and Trozan for negative side of Tech World

The most popular method to install Trojan on the targeted computer is to force the user to install any software on the computer through email.

For instance, a popular shopping site or bank may send you a message, there is a problem with the transaction to find out more, download the attached file in the email. Although it is normal to see the attached file, it is a Trojan file. After downloading it has the ability to install itself on your computer.

protection against hackers

Trozan is also spreading through Facebook and other social media. You may want to see a video uploaded by your friend but after opening the video a pop-up message appeared and it says, your video player needs to be updated. That update file could be a Trojan.
In most cases, anti-virus can detect harmful software before it is installed.Try to be aware of viruses while operating a electronics device and it will definitely help you.


3) Drive-by downloads

Sometimes security software cannot help you, by figuring out various vulnerabilities in software, hackers can easily fool your computer's antivirus.

protection against hackers

Hackers upload the virus on any interesting web site in which may have entered through several emails or social media links. If you have a small bug or gaps in the system the virus will be installed automatically on your computer behind your back.That's why to keep your computer programs always updated to avoid this type of virus attack. Keep an eye on the small updates of your operating system.

4) Using open/free Wi-Fi

Nowadays most of the public places are under Free Wi-Fi facilities. The number of free wifi users is numerous but most users do not know that a hacker can easily access their information on an open Wi-Fi.

It can be done in different ways, Hackers can easily intercept the data you exchange through those Wi-Fi networks. Surprisingly there is some software which is specially designed for this.One of the most popular software is called - 'Packet sniffer'. This software can identify the information sent from the host device and in the middle of the data transferring can collect information about Victim through decrypting it.

The best way to build protection against hackers is to avoid using public or unsafe free WiFi. However, the protection of devices can be ensured by different types of VPN services.

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