5 easy ways to get deeper into Meditation

If you sit for Meditation, You will be lost in the world of thoughts. Mediation has different types and levels, some types of meditation techniques are even strange and known by very few people.But it is believed that in the supreme level of Meditation that may help us to enter Astro-Dimension. You might be curious about Dimensions, Right? Here is the definition:
The mathematical definition is something like, "The dimension of a manifold is the minimum integer number of co-ordinates necessary to identify each point in that manifold." A manifold is essentially a generic term for "area, volume, etc." What this means in English is that a surface has, say, two dimensions, if you need two numbers to tell someone where you are on that surface. For instance, the surface of the Earth is two dimensional, because you need two numbers (usually longitude and latitude), to describe your position. A line or the circumference of a circle is one-dimensional, since you only need one number (distance along the line; angle on the circle) to define where you are. The interior area of the circle is two-dimensional, since you need both angle and radius to define your position there. You may have heard about chaos and fractal shapes. Fractal shapes are interesting because they can have non-integer dimension (hence "fractal"!). These non-integer dimensions are defined in a very complicated way somewhat different from what I have said above, but perhaps you can imagine a situation in which one number is not enough, but two is a little more than you need.

5 easy ways to get deeper into Meditation

But today I will just talk about simple meditation techniques that will guide us into the deepest of Mind. There are 5 easy ways to get deeper into meditation.Actually, this are the ways which will prepare your mind for that.

1.Make other people Smile

When you help other people what you feel?Don't you feel very satisfied?This kind of acts create an internal explosion of positive energy.Don't you feel tranquillity in your heart?Yes, You Do because it makes you feel stretched and expanded and the reason is the vibration and waves of good wishes falling over you.

Helping others stores some good qualities inside you. This quality helps you to get deeper into your meditation.

2. Observe sounds of Silence

Suppose you woke up and standing over rooftop at sunrise, looking at the beautiful sky, which made you completely submerged in its beauty. So do you feel a deep silence inside and a feeling of belonging to that beauty? Beauty makes you speechless. The mind becomes absolutely calm. Have you ever thought of the reason?

Silence helps our mind to become stable and calm, silence is the complement of mediation as well.

3.Make the body healthy through Yoga

Have noticed that some days you feel restless and unable to meditate. You can not go deep into meditation.

This is because your busyness has made your body muscle rigid, so you are restless. If you boost your body naturally through Yoga or anything, this rigid body will become flexible. Your mind will help you go deeper into meditation.

4.Eat the right foods

Healthy body boosts healthy mind and Healthy mind boosts healthy body too as they both are interconnected for the existence of this dimension.

The ideal foods for those who meditate - cereal, green fresh mangoes, fresh fruits, salads, soup etc.

5.Maintain a routine of Mediation

Another way of meditation is to fix a certain time for it and to get deep into meditation you always have to be disciplined regarding time maintenance.


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