Interesting information about Psychology

Interesting information about psychology

Today, I will give some interesting information about psychology, hope everyone will read and get the benefit.

Different times it has been proven that self-confidence is a very interesting characteristic. Confidence will make you praiseworthy, respected in society and even is the reason which makes opposite gender to get interested in you. Honestly speaking without the confidence whatever techniques you apply success rate is almost zero. That's why Today I will talk about confidence.

Interesting information about psychology

Among us, even the professional and worthy one is having a lack of confidence in some cases. Complex childhood, careless guardians, illusions or physical expressions from the point of view of the society, short bank accounts or people in the neighbourhood are over-asserted - may cause the lack of self-confidence, we all know that some of us even can't  make eye-contact with opposite gender. The right side of women brain works better than the men naturally which makes them more intuitive so that she could easily understand the lack of confidence in Men. However, this article is written for both men and women.

Using certain techniques of psychology, we can all guide our subconscious process and only then we will be able to protect ourselves from its limited attitudes or negative dictatorship. If subconscious mind is negative, then it needs to be re-programmed and for that, you have to be aware of your self-perception, attitude and passion.

1. Everyone's reality is the result of their own views

Constantly each of us has been building our own reality through our own thoughts, beliefs and philosophies. It means, by changing our thinking patterns we can change our own reality.

2. There is nothing called limit

According to this theory, there is no constraint in human contact with nature as there is no restriction or limit between our mind and body except limited awareness that we create.

3. Downfall of spiritual energy occurs only at the point of focus

With special attention to particular thoughts, we are writing about the stories of our lives. The focus is the fuel of our positive and negative perception or views. The way one uses his fuel his everything will be accounted in that way.

4. Present is the source of all power

Apart from the past or the future, each of us has the source of our own strength and can only be used at present. Not just waiting for a special moment, it is now possible to change the future by changing its own limited thinking.
"As you change your mind at the present, you change your experience of future."
5. Real happiness can be achieved only by love

In life, if the base of faith is not-Love nobody will ever achieve real happiness. Love is the source of all happiness and supreme power over everything.

6. We ourselves are the source of all our strengths 

If we want to change our reality, then we should not be dependent on any miraculous event, nor we should blame external events or fate. No other person can be liable for our life/reality or destiny, so liability of giving the power to someone else over our own reality is our own. It means that everyone will have to take the responsibility for their own condition they shouldn't blame their own fate, friends, family and society for no reason.

7. Functionality is the standard of  the truth

While two persons are arguing with each other if you notice then you will figure out that Truth has different versions. And the human being is so small that it is not possible to find the absolute truth in comparison to this infinite universe. you should not run after extreme truth, live a simple life, respect others, follow a logical religion unless your existence is in danger.

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