New hacking Method figured out by Hackers - Secure you Wi-Fi Router

Hackers have found ways and new hacking method to break the security of Wi-Fi router from a certain distance - claimed by a website called Krackattacks. According to their data, the WPA2 encryption protocol can easily be broken by hacker groups.

New hacking Method

As it is mentioned on the website, hackers will easily get any secret information such as credit card information, passwords, chat messages, emails and images with this new hacking method. Not only that, with this new hacking method they will be able to change the information of any users. Krackattacks advised router-makers to update their systems as soon as possible to prevent hackers from attacking them.

The website claims that any router's security system can be broken in this new method. Users have no ways except waiting unless router manufacturer updates their security system.

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