Pen that detects cancer Cells - No,Wait, it will guide to remove cells too !!!

Yes, it's True and all the credit goes to a group of researchers from the University of Texas- to detects cancer cells they have taken help of a pen instead of the machine. New York time published it with a big headline like this - The University of Texas scientists have created a pen that can detect cancer cells within just 10 seconds.

Pen that detects cancer Cells

It will not only detect the infected cell but also help to remove all the affected cancer cells completely. And the name of this witch's pen is 'MasSpec Pen'. Although at present this pen is not 100 percent accurate to detect cancer cells. However, it can determine about 96 percent accurately  - the difference between cancer cells and healthy cells.

Assistant chemistry professor Livia Ciccivantano Eberlin of the University of Texas said, 'This is a common chemical process. It has extreme power, as well as it is quite sensitive. Most importantly, it is not harmful like other technologies to diagnose or cure cancer.

To identify the cancer cell, in the traditional way a sample of the cell has to be sent to the laboratory. It takes a lot of time to get results in the laboratory. However, during surgery, frozen cells can be analyzed which takes 15 to 20 minutes. But with MasSpec it can be diagnosed within 10 seconds and it will be almost accurate. Cancer cells can be analyzed with easily by adding a little amount of water with it, Researchers said.

In a research, samples of 25 cancer cells, along with breast, lungs, thyroid and ovarian cells, were examined with this pen - the success rate is 96%. Researchers are hoping to start using it in full-scale for cancer diagnosis by 2018.


  1. cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases in the world , its rare people can get rid from cancer diseases , your video about detects cancer Cells and remove it very helpful for the doctor . keep posting like this


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