People Who Came Back From the Death

Resurrected Reborn people

In cinema or movie, it's nothing new that main characters resurrected or reborn after the death. For the sake of the story director of the movie kills them and brings them back in different ways.Likewise, cinema from the ancient age people tried to gain immortality in the real life. But some people actually reincarnated(didn't die) after their death which is even more wondering than the story of immortality. This article is all about some strange stories of resurrection.(Resurrected Reborn people)

Resurrected Reborn people

Miraculous light

When an Argentinian woman named Analia Bouter got pregnant for the fifth time, her pain during pregnancy time started 12 weeks before the scheduled time.The doctor informed her that she delivered a dead child.Ana and her husband returned to their home with grief and sorrow and also with the death certificate of their child.But after 12 hours they wished to see the face of their child once again for the last time.In the meantime, it was declared by the gynaecologist and even a neurologist, including the hospital's expert, that the baby girl is dead.

Resurrected Reborn people

As they requested and wished to see her so hospital's authority let them and opened the coffin but the interesting is the girl's body suddenly shook gently and the girl started crying when Ana(Mom) touched her girl's cheek.At first, Ana thought it is merely her imagination but within a second, she realized that her child is alive.Later on the baby girl(resurrected) was named as Luz Milagros which means "Miraculous Light".

Alvaro Garza Jr.-Who Came Back From Death

Every year in the month of December the "Red-river" near to North-Dakota becomes a temporary sports zone for children as it becomes completely frozen with solid ices.On December 21st in 1987 Alvaro was playing on the frozen Red-river, suddenly the layer of the ice got broken and Alvaro falls into the ice layer. After searching for 45 minutes his dead body was found. There was no pulse and no heart-beats even his body temperature was below 23-degree Celsius.Alvaro was taken to the hospital immediately and the doctors thereby warmed up his body with the bypass machine and his heart rate was restored surprisingly after the pipe lifts out the water in the lungs.

Resurrected Reborn people

Ghost of Johannesburg

In July 2011, an African old man aged 18-year, who was dead, his family informed the community to organize his funeral. The driver of the company's vehicle is sent to check the pulse and heart rate of the old man; unfortunately, doctors didn't find any pulse and announced him as Dead and the body was preserved in the morgue's refrigerator.

Resurrected Reborn people


Just after 21 hours weird things happened, the old guy started screaming loudly inside the trunk people nearby the morgue got extremely frightened and they escaped from there thinking of ghosts.After that, the morgue owner called the police and started waiting outside of Morgue with the frightened and curious people.Very quickly police reached there and rescued the old man and sent him back to the nearest hospital and the doctors there explained that due to sudden asthma heartbeats of the old man stopped temporarily.

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