World leaders with terrible phobias - Strange Fears

Fear is a human feeling which starts from an early age.When your parents forbade you to do something they frightened you by speaking of Ghosts. There is also the fear of cockroach and spider along with the fear of different creatures.(Strange fears famous people)
If you read online about the biographies of famous/notorious leaders around the world it seems like they are quite brave and barbaric. But as they were also the human with the flesh and blood like us, they had the feeling of fear.

1) Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler quite famous in the history because of his various crimes against humanity and Nazi forces. During the Second World War, he was responsible for Jews genocide. If you google about him you will find thousands of photos and there you will notice he was really something - A man without fear.

History has represented him as a Cruel-hearted barbaric man who is undaunted to do whatever he wants.Even this autocratic ruler of Germany was afraid of dentist and black-cat- Isn't that interesting?Sounds unbelievable but it's true and I am not going to justify that here, but you will.In the book "Dentist of the Devil" published in 2009, the author Mannves Depardieu Henen exposed this for the first time. Deputy Chief Dental Surgeon Pr Hugo Blaschke of RSS was his dentist for two decades. Hitler was having a massive dental problem and was afraid of visiting dentist and because of these - problems continued to grow, he suffered a lot for this.  Many people believe that oral diseases and anxieties made him sick at the end of World War II.(Strange fears famous people)

2)Genghis Khan

The legendary 'Secret History of the Mongols' book exposed that Chengish Khan was afraid of three things - his mother, wife and dog!

Before being the leader of the Mongols, Genghis Khan's original name was Temüjin, later he got the title as Genghis Khan' for his bravery. When Temüjin was eight years old, one day his father Yesügei met a man, his name was Dei-Setsen. He had a girl named Dere Borte was about one year older than Temüjin. In the cycle of time, Yesügei and Setsen developed a good relationship. They settled marriage between their son and daughter for the permanent formation of a good relationship. Before deciding the future dowry his father left him to his father-in-law's house and requested them that his son is afraid of a dog so don't let the dogs come close to him.(Strange fears famous people)

3) Augustus Caesar

Augustus Caesar, ruled from 27 BC to 14 AD, is regarded as the founder of the Roman Empire. According to Roman historian Suetonius, Caesar was afraid of the thunderbolt. Once he was sitting at night during a Cantabrian campaign suddenly the thunder struck so near to him and one of his servants was death on the spot.After this incident the Temple of Jupiter was built immediately by the emperor, the purpose was to mitigate God's wrath.

4) Muammar Gaddafi

Former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi was afraid of the height and the long-term air travel over the sea. From WikiLeaks leaked documents, it is revealed that Gaddafi could not make the journey more than eight hours over the sea. He abandoned the flight twice for his fear of height - first on the way to the USA from Libya, second from Venezuela to Libya.


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